Bad Girls with Aditi Mittal|Ep 1| Nidhi Goyal

(Before anyone gets upset, I'm using the word "Bad" ironically (kya karoon, bolna padta hai)) This is the first episode of a series called "Bad Girls" where we showcase work done by girls and women who are doing unconventional work in unconventional ways. "If you don't laugh, the joke might just

Bra Shopping |Stand Up Comedy by Aditi Mittal

"Under Shoulder Boulder Holder", "Miss your boyfriend is showing" and so many other euphemisms for the very innocent, innocuous bra. Stand Up comedian Aditi Mittal- takes you for a walk to the very very awkward places that Asian women go to in order to get the "upliftment" they need. For

Anything for Love- LIVE in Chennai (2015)| Song Parody

(SORRY ABOUT PORTRAIT) I asked my friend to record it on audio, she did it on video also for some reason. Made a music video of this in 2016 called "The Arranged Date Song" with Richa Chadha also. (It's on the channel only) Janhit main Jaari: PLZ DO NOT USE

Tuffy | True Bollywood Stories

Bollywood is a dangerous and difficult game. "True Bollywood Stories" is an attempt to tell the stories of the stars of the screen that shone in our hearts but cannot be seen in the Bollywood skies anymore. #1: The Story of Tuffy- Woh humare hain kaun CREDITS Director of Photography: Karan Asnani Cast:

Facebook Pe Mummy Feat. Reema Lagoo | Song

Are you on Facebook? More importantly is your mom on Facebook? Rock out with Dolly Khurana (a.k.a Aditi Mittal) and Amit Tandon as they bring you the joys and sorrows of having a mummy who is as obsessed with Facebook as you are! LIKE, SHARE,SUBSCIRBE: Director: Vijayeta Kumar DOP: Siddharth Jatla Music: Kaizad Gherda Editor:

Comedy Hunt On YouTube

AIB and Pretentious Movie Reviews finally run out of content and WANT YOU to write funny things! If you're funny and have always wanted to try your hand at creating videos, this your chance! Quikr presents Comedy Hunt is looking for India's next big comedy star on YouTube, and we're really hoping

Nolay – The Pro-Ageing Cream

We are living in an advertisement. When life gives you pimples, concentrate on the wrinkles! (Please excuse time pass) Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here - Watch "Satth Rupiye Di Chai" here - Watch "Dollywood" here - Watch "The Arranged Date Song" here - Follow me on Facebook - Don't

The #60RsPpl -Satth Rupiye Di Chai

Thank you for the AWESOME love for "Satth Rupiye Di Chai" More than 100,000 hits and played on major radio stations in Mumbai and in Delhi! This is a shout out to everyone who was a part of the process. Here's an introduction to the "#60RsPpl who made "Satth